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Noobie News Alert

2015-08-01 20:49:06 by CircusRoo

Hello, I recently came back from the longest art block I've ever had. I was originally on deviantart for some time but because of the art block, work, and college my activity plummeted. You can check out my dA account in the link to the side, but I warn you it's pretty barren, like no joke. Nothing there but old, very old artworks and maybe cobwebs. But back to what I was saying. During my brart fart (brain and art fart...yes, I made it up), I was conflicted whether if I wanted to make my passion for drawing a full time thing or go back to school and earn another degree. But I came to the realization (thanks to my mother, love ya ;D) that I should pursue what made me happy, and it wasn't receiving  a degree in a field I'm not particularly fond of. Since then, I have been slowly churning out art pieces/sketches and have started a new project called Sirk which if everything happens according to plan will result in a comic. *crosses fingers* 

As for why I am here, I decided to sign up with Newgrounds as a way to start anew and hopefully learn from fellow artists who are just as talented and involved in their work. That's pretty much all I have to say at this time, I'll probably post here again to give more updates regarding the project. So yeah, thank you for lending me your ears and peace out. 




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2015-08-01 21:15:14

Welcome and Good Luck! :D

Your illustration "Besties" is very good and pretty.

CircusRoo responds:

Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words. ^^


2015-08-02 00:41:18

oh thats flippin awesome, it's cool though when you have that moment when you realize what you wanna be doing for the rest of your life and you choose to pursue that, it keeps you well and alive. glad to hear you're doin well tho :>

CircusRoo responds:

You summed up how I felt when I made the decision pretty well. It was definitely, like you said, liberating.


2015-08-04 22:40:37

Sounds like a plan.

CircusRoo responds:

Haha, yeah.


2015-08-05 14:47:12

Hey! I am pretty new to Newgrounds too. :D Best of luck! I looked at your DA account, and you have a nice style of drawing. If you need something to work on, just send me a message and we can do an art trade if you want. :)

CircusRoo responds:

Welcome! And thank you so much for that lovely comment. An art trade sounds awesome tbh, so I'll definitely give you call for one. ^^